That Piece of Paper

To He (Or She) Who Finds Me First, Today was different. I was brave today. You may call me a coward when you read this but Caesar and I would disagree. Have you read Julius Caesar by Shakespeare? Were you looking for me? Or you stumbled upon me just lying there? Well, I guess that’s […]

2016: Entry 353

There is an incessant flow of people in one’s lifetime. This is fact. We are never certain anyone will stay. Yet, we make plans of futures with friends of yesterdays and dream of nights in the arms of bodies long gone. We force them to stay and watch as they rip us apart in search […]


Eons before mankind hung men who claimed to be gods on trees. Millennia before gods made games of men, stealing their land and women, birthing beasts and demi gods. Ages before gods stood amongst men and raised cities in their image. There was an era rumoured to have existed and formed the foundations for man’s […]

The Disparate Inferno

I. There’s a fire in your eyes But it is not ours Not the one we tended The one we fed our sacrifices Our hopes Our dreams Not the one that lit us up And now, fear threatens to consume me For I know not this flame Fear makes to own me For you may […]

Dancing Pencils

In the silence of this room The stillness of this air The ruffling of these papers The shuffling of anxious feet The movement of eager hands The glances of roving eyes I cast my eyes upwards Troubled by a simple question Baffled by its existence on this sheet Dumbfounded by what it expects from me […]

The Experiment

I had heard tales of perfect relationships. I had done my research on the best way to prepare myself for the perfect communion. I had seen others in practice, the timing and manner in which they made use of fabled ingredients to create a perfect thing. In my naivety, I thought I knew it all. […]

👑 The Ice Queen. 👑

Hello, so this is going to be really short. Tried my hands at 100 words flash fiction again and this is actually less than! As always your comments are highly appreciated. For the gents and soccer loving dames, EPL is back!!! Glory Glory Manchester United #mufc #mufc   Simply sultry, seductive and sexy. It was […]