The Disparate Inferno

There’s a fire in your eyes
But it is not ours
Not the one we tended
The one we fed our sacrifices
Our hopes
Our dreams
Not the one that lit us up
And now, fear threatens to consume me
For I know not this flame
Fear makes to own me
For you may be lost
In this new blazing inferno
And vanish from before my eyes


Pray, let me hold you
tight within these tree like arms
that I may smother this strange flame
lest you lose yourself to it
Calm, let my words soothe you
let them dance all over you
making home in those hidden parts of you
the parts you hide behind your blinding smile
slowly, steadily putting out this flame
so that your singed heart remains
but you will still be here
and then, like before the birthing of this great inferno
my tongue shall do the dance you love
that curls your toes
that makes your eyes peer into the deepest parts of your mind
and you will still be mine, here
and I yours, here,




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