👑 The Ice Queen. ðŸ‘‘

Hello, so this is going to be really short. Tried my hands at 100 words flash fiction again and this is actually less than! As always your comments are highly appreciated. For the gents and soccer loving dames, EPL is back!!! Glory Glory Manchester United #mufc #mufc


Simply sultry, seductive and sexy. It was in the way she sat there, alone, under the sun the direct opposite of its heat. Her cool vibes igniting a wild fire in my belly.

I moved towards her, this angel of perfection. Her sweet curves softly whispering to me as I approached. Her whole presence screaming for me to taste, to partake of her caramel essence. I reached this goddess and made, despite my natural fear, to taste of her sweet skin. My tongue caressed her sweetness and I felt it, through my body to my head.

Brain Freeze.




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