The Omega And Alpha of Memory

For those who have waited patiently for me to post again and I doubt that they are many of you, my sincerest apologies. My excuses will never be enough and to be honest they’d probably just annoy you. Sorry. For those who didn’t wait or just stumbled on this, thank you. All I ask for this is that you actually read and comment, it’s hard to continue when you don’t even know if people are reading. So yeah, share but most importantly what does this mean to you?


Dark, I couldn’t see
Not that I tried anyway
Eyes jammed shut
Surrounded by a fluid I constantly drank
Surprised that I was still alive
Heart still beating in its cage
Confined, I relieved myself there
And partook of my own ‘relief’
There was a cord, long and windy
It ate my space but was a welcome companion
In my lonesome what choice did I have?
Having made my peace with the dark and persistent drowning
It began.

Movement, Contractions
The walls closing in
I was moving.
To where, I knew not
You’d think I’d be happy, free of the drowning and the dark
Strangely I didn’t want to leave
This was my home
The darkness, fluid, my relief, all friends
My home.

Eyes opened for the first time
Then I cried, wailed more apt a description
For there was light now and air but
I had lost my space, my home
Strange right?
And I cried
At the joy of sight
The feel of air rushing into me
The absence of my relief in my mouth Surrounded by strange faces that showed,
Shocking me that I even knew
Joy, relief
Sounds filled my ears
Air rushed through my nose, filled my lungs
I stretched my arms
To a length I never knew was possible Kicked my legs through space I never even knew existed
Light filled my eyes
Washing away the darkness I had known for so long
It was so beautiful
And so I stared and just kept crying



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