The One That Got Away


Alone, drowning in the darkness
Incomplete, half of a thing, still me
Just perfect.
I wouldn’t have known what I was missing.
I wouldn’t have known that I needed another to be whole.
It just happened.
And then I knew I could be complete, a whole thing, now us.
Just perfect.

He swooped into my existence like a proud Michael Phelps
In the midst of all the others, he arrived first
Weakened my defenses and wooed me
Before I could understand it, he had become part of me
I wouldn’t, couldn’t let another in for my sanity.
We grew in each other, with each other, for each other
Becoming complete, whole,
Not him, not me, just us; one.

We were happy in our growth and luxuriated in it
In the life we stood for and represented
Our existence and the life however did not bring as much joy to some as us
They said our union was not economical at that time
That our union would not favor their academic pursuits
That our union would make them laughing stocks
That our union would divide and conquer, families and friends
They were not ready for us.

We could do nothing about it
Too young and helpless to challenge them
We could only hope that they’d let us live
That by our life, they’d see a greater purpose
It was not meant to be.

While we slept, growing and happy
I felt a sharp pain in my heart, our heart
In the darkness which had become our home, I felt it
They had decided against us, to get rid of us
We hadn’t been together long but I knew with all my being
That we could have made something they would have been proud of
They wouldn’t know
They wouldn’t see
They had chose not to
We were the one that got away

Blood flowed
The prospect of life snuffed out
They were happy or at least something close to
They may always regret this, thinking
What if?
Our home will remember.
They will remember.
The Creator knows.



4 thoughts on “The One That Got Away

  1. Good rhythmic dictions .. But you fell outta readers comprehending , got me perplexed at some point due to a dis-link with the theme .. But it’s a good write πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ


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