There Is God.


So I found out about this 100 word flash fiction thing and wanted to try it. This was really hard for me because if you’ve read any of my works, you know I like to ramble quite a lot and 100 words really doesn’t give you the words for that. So, here. Sadly though, this isn’t 100 words exact, it’s 108 😦 . Any way, I do hope you enjoy this as much as the thrill I got from writing something so short. As always, comments are highly appreciated and some might say, recommended. Thanks for reading.

“There is God.”

“There is God.”, she mustered with the strength left as she sat awash in self pity, doing nothing to help herself.

On a throne so far away, a throne so high up within the clouds and so golden it blinded mere men, sat the one and only Creator. His beard thick and white, full like that of a lion. With a sceptre in his right and his left hand tucked under his chin, he gazed down upon mankind with a face that gave off nothing. He spotted the woman, sitting, awash in her pity.

“There is God.”, he snickered making no move to help her from her plight.


6 thoughts on “There Is God.

  1. I like 🙂 Heaven helps those who help themselves. It must really be tasking having to restrict your expressions to fit into 100 words and still be creative.

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  2. Nice piece, I love flash fiction. One thing though: I found the use of ‘snickered’ a bit off compared with the grave and grande way you described God, but that might just be me.


    1. Nice one ! So many awash in pity expecting a man to save them not realizing that the world is selfish .. Every man for himself … 👌🏼


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