Just Breathe


Placed in a box and nailed shut inside
Wrapped with chains and buried 6 feet under
Left alive screaming for release
Screaming for freedom
Screaming for discovery
Screaming. Wailing. Crying.
That’s the feeling
The feeling of being restricted
The feeling of being told what to do
Of being told who to be
Of being forced into a mold that doesn’t fit
Of being a square peg hammered into a round hole
Hammer. Hit. Push.
Because people can’t accept
People have to change
Using force to destroy
Especially that which is different
Especially that which they don’t understand
They push and they pull
And they huff and they puff
Hungry, dissatisfied wolves trying to blow down the house you have built
Huff. Puff. Puff.
Only an enduring heart can survive. Only self belief can protect.
Never accept the mold
Break the box
Rip off those chains
Dig your way through the…

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