My Own Two Kobo

Warning: What you are about to read is very controversial and may upset you. However, it is important to note that this writing has been done with the use of plain reasoning and without the writer having actually experienced the presented issue. This was written due to the fact that even though the writer hasn’t experienced the issue at hand, some tales of this situation have racked his mind to thought and this rant is the product of such thoughts conceived on Okada rides to lectures during the freezing harmattan season. It is also important to remember that everything written and presented here is a product of the writer’s opinion. However, the writer would love to hear stories or educated arguments and opinions (no fighting please) from people either more versed in the subject or who have experienced the situation and can shed more light on this issue. Lastly, the writer believes that it is important for the reader to be aware that this, the writer’s view, is subject to change upon either the acquirement of more knowledge from comments, critics or discussion or from any eventual encounter with the issue up for discourse.
So yeah, feel free to comment however let your comments show the level of high home training I believe your parents imparted on you, thanks. Enjoy!

Maybe you’re wondering what issue it is I’m going to harp on about now. Honestly I’m not even sure what this is but hopefully you’d figure it out by the end. Anyway, I guess I’ll just begin simply and plainly with the next statement. I am Black.

If anything I’m quite sure that one of the topics that popped into your head was racism that is if it wasn’t the first and only one. In a way this would be about it but I have a feeling I just may tackle our concept of equality a bit. So yeah… Equality and racism, hang on.

To begin I’d just like to simply ask a question, “How do you treat someone you don’t like when they mistakenly or even by some strange fortune end up in your home?”. Thought about your answer? Good. Did you go, “Anyway I like?“, “Isn’t it my house?“, “Chase him away?“? Well even if you want to lie that you didn’t, I’m guessing that roughly most if not all of you answered just like that. And to me that’s how to an extent, I will get to this extent in a bit, how I view racism. Shocked? Let me explain. The racist is probably in a way feeling the way you feel when you are having an unwanted guest in your abode. Like it or not, their country is their home not yours, and as such they feel a certain discomfort when you are in it. They may be scared of your colour or whatever but your colour is a clear indication that you are not one of their own and you, quite simply, make them feel unsafe. It is natural to feel precarious when you have someone who is not of your race, tribe, or religion in your own home. You feel that way, so why shouldn’t they? Now, what about black Americans or their like? For me, those are the people who are entitled to scream racism. Why? It’s their home too and they probably know no other home. Yes, their parents may have been slaves but they shouldn’t be judged or treated as less than their own ‘brothers’ just because of their parents. No man is a criminal simply because his parents are. Simple. So who should be screaming racism? Black Americans. Not the Nigerian who left his motherland for greener pastures and is now expecting to be treated equal to the owner of the land. Think about it, even in Nigeria there are catchment area considerations for universities and such things that are meant to benefit the inhabitants of a specific region over foreigners and sojourners. It really is just the way the world is. And please if you are Nigerian and in Nigeria, you really can’t be screaming racism for stuff. You probably just want to scream tribalism though.

The extent? There are really unfair treatments of the melanin man by those who lack melanin (for it is important to keep in mind that that really is the basis for the discrimination) and I am not a party to that. In those moments when the mere existence of the melanin man as a human being is being questioned? That is true racism in my opinion. And it is also at this point that I bring forth the issue of equality. I remember a quote by Thomas Jefferson, “All men are created equal“. I shall make great emphasis on this quote cause it is, by my limited historical knowledge made by a non melanin man. He said all men are CREATED equal. As such both melanin and non melanin are both humans and under all circumstances should be treated as such. The killing of blacks indiscriminately? Racist. Why? For the simple fact that life is a property and right of every human being and no man should deprive another of that particular right. Depriving people of either food or education just because they possess melanin? Racist. Depriving me of my right to expression either by thought or speech? Racist. The main problem, I believe, is that most people assume that we ARE all equal. At this point I shall quote Napoleon in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others“. Here’s how I view this and have always viewed it, “All men are created equal but all men are not equal.”. And so, equality in racism.

When you apply for a job in an organization that maybe speaks a foreign language, you’d expect that of course -logic here- whoever does speak the foreign language is not equal to you or do you think he is? Or simply put, do you think a Professor of Surgery is equal to a 1st year resident in the same department? Or is Bill Gates equal to the woman you see down the streets that sleeps under the bridge every night? Let me help you. No, they are not. They are only equal in terms of the simple yet profound fact that they are all human beings; Homo sapiens. However past that, they are not equal in anyway and if you were to be true to yourself you’d realize that there is a certain way you feel in being considered an equal to a homeless person save the fact that you are human. You expect to be treated equals as humans and so there’s a level playing ground i.e you have the opportunity to venture into a said activity. However on beginning said activity, you’d realize that certain privileges come with the years and experience of those who have been there long before you. You can’t expect to earn the same salary in your first year as someone who has been in the same job, same position, five years before you or do you? So how do you expect to be treated or earn the same privileges that a non melanin person gets when as far as the ownership of their land goes, you are not equal? This is why I maintain that really the only ones who can cry racist? Black Americans, for it is their land as well; their home.

Due to the fact that we all turn to religion, Christ, as our role model, I shall illustrate my point on equality with a few examples from his life. Were all the apostles equal? Yes, to an extent. The extent of being humans and also apostles, finish. If they were truly equal why would Christ take only 3 to the Transfiguration and leave them with such a huge secret? Also, he picked Peter above the rest to build his church upon and then terms only John as his beloved, is that not ‘inequality‘? For if they were all equal why this clear favoritism, if I can make use of that term. You may say, “ehn, it’s not a race thing now“. And I shall, quite simply, point out to you that the average racist believes that you are not EQUAL to him simply on the basis of your color and your African background. Due to that belief he decides to show his superiority by the statements and actions he makes. And so, simply put, racism is just a non melanin showing his belief that he is not equal to the melanin man by using power that the system or society affords him. The system and the society being that which he, the non melanin man has created. (Again at this point I would like to point out that I am indeed open for comments and your own opinions, as this is mine. Be civil, please. Thanks!). One important moment in the life of our Lord & Savior Christ, our purposed role model, was the meeting with the Syrophoenician  woman. In Mark 7:27 (NET) Jesus says to her, “Let the children be satisfied first, for it is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.”. Imagine that? Is this racist? It is? It is not? I think it is. She was a Syrophoenician, him a Jew. And he had decided in his mind that his miracles were first and foremost for Jews not for the ‘Phoenician dogs’. Wow. Simply put, he had given the Jews their privilege of having him first, why? They were Jews. He had chosen them. No other reason than that. And for that the ‘gentiles’ could partake but only after the Jews had had “Jewish privilege”. Even all through the bible before the death of Christ and the spread of Christ to the gentiles through the first act being the receiving of the Holy Spirit by Cornelius, belief in God had almost always been a Jewish thing with the rest of the world then looking in. Due to this even though they took no slaves, at least none that I know of, the Jewish people always felt more privileged than the rest of the world to the extent of calling all other races ‘unclean’ and frowning upon relationships with them. They had no relationships with surrounding races or tribes and were almost segregated terming themselves as the Lord had named them, ‘ The Chosen Ones’. And so they enjoyed their special privileges which the virtue of being chosen by The Most High had acquired for them. They had come to see themselves as higher and better than the other races due to their knowledge of and relationship with the Lord God; they thought themselves above the other races. And in a way? They were. So are we all equal? As humans, yes. More than that, honestly no.

Coming to the end of this rant so I will make a brief, my friends do say I have no idea what this word means but who cares, summation of all the noise and garb you’ve read so far. Am I saying that racism doesn’t exist? Absolutely not. All I’m saying is this, I really don’t see how a Nigerian -for I am one- can scream racism when they are being treated almost exactly the same way they’d treat a foreign person in their own home which the country they are incumbent in is not theirs. That’s simply it. However, one must note that I am not condoning acts such as the killing of the melanin man or the oppression of his being in a way that prevents him from expressing his identity as a total human being. For all men truly are created equal. Should the average Nigerian complain of the non melanin man’s privilege in the non melanin man’s own home? Nope. For in my home, your home, you are entitled to things a foreigner isn’t and you don’t see that as anything as but normal. The Black American is entitled to scream racism, why? Simply for the fact that in this case there’s no other justification for denying him anything save his melanin as the country also belongs to him and is his home. Most of them are put in such a situation where they have no connection to their African roots, rejected by their present home and as such left in limbo. They are judged and denied the basic privileges of their citizenship simply because of ancestors and roots they have no knowledge of, they are the real victims of racism. Finally, are we equal? As Emperor Charles vi Britannia said in Code Geass, it’s an anime y’all should see if you haven’t, “Equality is an illusion”. Along with freedom it is one of the greatest illusions there is. Even when we claim equality we feel slightly peeved when we are clearly not equal but the illusion of equality drags you down to a level you are clearly above. And so where does our said equality end? Simple. We are humans. We are alive. Be grateful.

So there it is, my own two kobo. I would love to hear your opinions, arguments, criticisms and all. So go on, share your own two kobo!





5 thoughts on “My Own Two Kobo

  1. There’s a very thin line between privilege and right, and a thinner one between the non melanin man and his melanin counterpart – which is just colour. The line seems thicker because the non-melanin man has done more for himself. Good read, sir.


  2. Good read but I do not agree that someone going to a foreign land searching for ‘greener pastures’ is wrong for shouting racism when it happens. A racist can come to your own country and still be racist there.

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