The Reality Alone

Long time! Been busy with exams and also had a major heartbreak when my beloved -my phone- was damaged and all. I’m here now though. Hope y’all enjoy this. ✌ Don’t forget to comment.

Love is an illusion.
Friendship, an illusion.
The only non-illusion; we are all alone.
Don’t be fooled.
Your friends will never feel the same way you feel
Love all the things you love
Hate the same things you hate
Believe in all the same principles you do
Open up to the same people you do, or even
Get the same vibes you do when going through your playlist
You are alone
You feel alone
You believe alone
You grow alone
You love alone
And you hurt alone.
You will always and forever be alone
Christ! You’ll even die alone
In the arms of your spouse or significant other maybe
But alone nonetheless
Realize that you are alone, always and forever
Learn to love that you are alone
For you alone
And only you can truly love and strengthen yourself.


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