The Gods of Olympus

Hey guys. In case you didn’t know, I’m sure a lot of you didn’t, I happen to be a huge fan of mythology. However, I have never written a mythology piece myself. I don’t know why just have not. Anyways, want you guys to have a go at this piece I found interesting by a friend of mine and also the second part. I hope you enjoy it like I did. Have fun!

Stormy night, Lightening filled the darken skies. Heavy winds blowing everything in sight. Thunder, loud noise, roared, lightening sparks strike the distant fields.
A young child is seen running towards his house, wet and exhausted, still struggling to get home. He was sent on an errand but decided to go rock climbing, his mother will be so crossed with him. His mother is outside holding on to a pole, calling out to her son. Finally, she sights him, running towards him, grabs him and sprints into the house for shelter.

“Where were you Deimos? I was worried sick” she scolded him as they got in

“I’m sorry mother. I got carried away” taking off his chiton

“All is forgiven, my son. Come, you need a hot bathe, don’t want my strong soldier to fall sick”

“I told you mother, I want to be a poet or a philosopher” shrugs as he kicks off his tunic as he dives into a tub.

“Shhh… be quiet. Don’t let such words be repeated, don’t let such words fall on your father’s ears”

Pouring hot water in his tub and taking a bowl full and pouring it over his head

“Mother? Why the sudden storm? It was all clear before I set out”

“The gods my son, they might have had an argument, or the king of the gods is angry. That’s the only explanation I can think off”

“Zeus right? The king? He sounds like a bully”

“Shhhh… quiet! I see why you want to be a poet, you never shut up”

Both chuckled as she bathes him, she hoped her husband doesn’t walk in on them, he hated it when she bathed young Deimos. Wanted him to man up and be like him. She didn’t care, she was his bundle of joy and mischief, loved him silly.
She dried him up and covered him up with a robe. The boy walked towards the window as the storm raged on. His lightening scar starts to itch, as it always itched whenever there was a storm. Looking up to his mother, he dropped a bomb on her

“Mother, which of my fathers were you talking about? The one here or the one up there?

She dropped the jar of oil.

Mt Olympus, home of the gods and where the almighty Zeus rules. A huge palace located at the summit, Magnificent and beautiful beyond imagination.
In his chamber, which looks like its floating on a cloud, Zeus is seen fast asleep and snoring heavily. He’s on his pyjamas with tiny lightning bolts on them, his phone is also ringing, too deep in sleep to hear.
Hera, his wife and queen of the gods is sitting up on the bed beside him reading “Olympus Weekly”, hair all coiled up with rollers………. the phone rings.
She drops the magazine and answered the call

“Hello Hera, its Demeter”
“Hey girl! How you doing?”
“Please just hold it there, can’t you make that whore you call a husband to quit snoring? The bloody oaf’s snoring is causing a serious storm for the mortals”

Dante Ehimen, a graduate of Uniben, studied Geology. Proclaimed aspiring “Aje-butter”. Wide/Wild imagination and doesn’t smoke weed as a result. Manga and Anime semi-freak. Liverpool fan (For the gods, Greek & Roman alike, I do not understand this choice). Also a self proclaimed ladies man (I leave that for you to judge.)
He blogs at You can check his rants and follow him on Twitter @Sir_Helios.


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