The Gods Of Olympus 2

Hi again! This is odd for me, probably for you too, 2 posts in a day that is, but I had the second part and decided to drop it as well. Hope you enjoyed the first one. With no further delay, let me give y’all this one and hope you enjoy it too. Your comments fuel the writing and all so keep them coming in through any means.

“Roll Call”
The gallant Hermes is seen standing at a great golden door that leads to huge round table, with his golden scroll, a phoenix feather quill and a lens on his left eye, clears his throat as he’s about to proceed.


“The god of the sea is present”
With a voice sounding like waves on an ocean, By his side, two naked naiads accompany him as he walks to his seat.

“Pfft…. Show off……….


She raises her hands up to signify her presence; she was on the phone talking.

“Ares?” Hermes announced with shaky voice
Ares is already seated, cleaning his bazooka, looks up and gives Hermes a mean look, continues his cleaning and inspection. Always the brute, carrying his weapons around and always in battle attire, well obviously, he’s the god of war.

“well, you could say somet…….”

Hermes didn’t even finish his sentence; he was dodging from a projectile. Ares had taken a shot at him with his bazooka.

“You missed, Ass-wipe” Hermes dusts off the smoke stains off his robe.


The beautiful Athena walks into the hall with her Owl on her shoulders, she is a beautiful maiden, but possessed this tom-boyish look. Despite that, her beauty is close to that of Aphrodite. She bows to Hermes before taking her seat.


He’s seen drunk and staggering into the great hall.

“I’m here Hermes, I come bearing gifts, music and wine” He gobbles down a bottle of vodka while playing his electronic guitar.

“I really dunno why we need you, you drunk ass-wipe”

Giving Hermes the middle finger as he sits and passes the bottle of vodka to Ares.

“Let’s get on with this……….Artemis? Aphrodite? Hestia?”

Artemis, goddess of the hunt, she’s already seated with her bow in front of her, a young woman who has no interest in looking beautiful, she had “virgin” written all over her face.

Aphrodite, the most beautiful of the Olympians, her beauty shone with much radiance. She’s seen applying some blush and admiring herself using her tablet as a mirror.
“By the way, My husband Hephaestus can’t be present with us today, he’s busy playing crazy scientist in his work shop, I’ll represent him today”

Hestia nods. She is also seated looking unconcerned about the gathering, she hated it though, the oldest amongst the Olympians. She was always quiet; she just sits there without saying a word, creepy old woman

“Helios? Apollo?”

Immediately a horse neigh is heard from a distance, a fiery chariot drawn by fiery horses’ approaches, it was Helios. Racing as fast as he could, he jumped off his chariot and landed on a seat close to Aphrodite.

“Can you tone that light a bit, Geez?” As she puts on a Ray-ban shade.
“Helios’ hair was pure fire and he shone like the sun, well, he was actually the sun.

“Well that’s all for now, Hades will join us via Skype”

Hermes flies over to a big screen and turns it on. Immediately, Hades is seen having sex with some women, while laughing, whipping and torturing some souls.

“Hades? Oh Hades?”

He looks up, and everyone’s eyes are on him….. Including Hestia.

“Oh my bad, sorry about that”. He kicks the souls & women away and wears a robe.

“ Where’s my little brother and his wife with fallen breasts?”

“Errr.. Do you realize she’s your sister too?”, Hermes answered

Zeus is seen and heard arguing with Hera as he walks into the hall
“I’ve told you many times, I don’t have any mortal concubines again, I’ve dropped that life baby, please trust me” He stretches to kiss Hera
“Don’t touch me, you man whore” She pushes and slaps him on his arm

“I’m gonna kill ’em all” She screamed

Hermes clears his throat distracting their argument, with all the Olympians staring at them
Zeus clears his throat and sits on his huge chair with his peacock at side.

“Now let the meeting begin, I don’t have all day”

Dante Ehimen, a graduate of Uniben, studied Geology. Proclaimed aspiring “Aje-butter”. Wide/Wild imagination and doesn’t smoke weed as a result. Manga and Anime semi-freak. Liverpool fan (For the gods, Greek & Roman alike, I do not understand this choice). Also a self proclaimed ladies man (I leave that for you to judge.)
He blogs at You can check his rants and follow him on Twitter @Sir_Helios.


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