By Ejiro Ekperigin

Your confident laughter cuts through terse thicket of 9-5 hallways,
Each note a sepia image of the Roaring Twenties,
Flirtiest of crimson winks in time with pace of a lifestyle I cannot afford,
Phantom embrace of your maroon palms gently realign my gaze in your wake,
You are pull of an invisible force,
And my world revolves around you,
Three hundred and sixty five still life images of your poses atop your earthen podium,
Your very shadow, a silver sky,
And perfect singular cloud in size 7,
Suspended, stationary, taunting in it’s perfection,
Good to me,
And we danced once,
A visceral embrace of my limbs,
Complacent in your soft olive arms, I waltz,
Succumbing to a comfort unbeknownst,
Perfect lady as the nights stretch before us and those to come,
Is what you have crafted beneath moonlight,
Flirtiest of winks,
Boldest of laughters,
As I cut through terse thicket of 9-5 hallways.

Ejiro Ekeprigin is a student of Westminster College, Missouri. A talented poet, writer, actor, singer and rapper, he is truly a man of many talents. We both attended Loyola Jesuit College and is the man I owe my love for writing and literary works. He’s released an EP, #22, which is worth listening to and can be found on SoundCloud. Follow Ejiro on twitter @barelyanyhook


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