Darkest Hour

So erm… Sorry I’ve been away for a while apparently Med. School isn’t beans. Wrote this during my darkest hour, hope it brings you the relief it brought me. 🙂 Cheers!

Here again,
The incessant buzzing
In this chilly darkness
It is my guide
I’m probably on my right side.

I move to my left
I still hear it
It leaves my side not
Up goes my cover
Trapped with the buzzing, the result

On my face?
5? No, 6?
Surely they aren’t that many
But they’re there, I feel them
They are all buzzing…

Twisting and turning
Shielding and baring
Never a moment’s rest
The buzzing is my cross
And bear it I must

Through my torn curtains it comes
My savior, my redeemer
First light.
Morning has arrived
I’m almost free.

Relief drowns me.
My torment is over
Albeit just for a few hours.
No. It’s time to buy Raid.


3 thoughts on “Darkest Hour

  1. See this guy. I’ve had enough of poetry from GES abeg. But it’s good you can write this though. It makes me hopeful. Plus around that 5, 6 side, I thought it was Man U’s league position you wanted to know. Lol


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