Hope At 53

She smiled cause it wasn’t easy
53 years
She smiled cause she’d been through a lot
53 years
She smiled cause she had a long way to go
She smiled cause it just had to get better.

Her birth was to “unify” her people
All, old to young, big to small
Bring them all together
Their permission wasn’t sought though
“Unity is strength”, they say

Placed under the care of stewards
Her people too weak to care for her
She grew and progressed immensely
Her best years by the lot

The time had come
“We’re ready”, her people claimed
“You’re not”, the stewards replied
A fight ensued
Her people won and to them she went

She was tortured and bruised
The big men fought and killed for her beauty
She liked none and wanted none
She wanted her people

Her sisters aged with grace and beauty
She, a shadow of herself
Her old beauty still wistfully bandied around
She envied her sisters
She longed and yearned for the days of her stewards.

Her people finally in charge
She was happy albeit for a moment
The winds of change didn’t blow
Basic amenities became blue rarities
The days of her stewards long gone

Sitting down at the bank of the river
Bent down, neglected and damaged
She held her head up and smiled
It was not over yet.
There is still and always will be hope.


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