The Choices They Make….

Just dropping these here:

1. Would you rather flip a switch and kill a billion random people in the world to save the human species or leave them alive and let the human race go extinct?

2. Would you rather stab an 80yr old paralyzed lady knowing you could hit a major artery and kill her or stroke a young man’s already well battered back knowing just one more stroke could end his life?

3. Would you rather save your brother or your sister knowing you can only save one?

Some choices are not easy to make. When written down plainly they tend to look simple and so easy to make. However, when in the actual situation well….

What I’m trying to say is this. It is easy to judge the choices someone makes when you’ve never experienced that situation before, when you have absolutely no idea what that person is going through. It’s easy to judge the little boy who shot his mother when you’re not on the end of the long cold nights of starvation, days of endless beatings and moments of torture the drunken woman had put him through. It’s easy to judge the young girl who stabbed her father when you are not on the end of the constant and persistent molestation she endured both at the hand of the man she called ‘Dad’ and the hands of the numerous men he loaned her to nights without end.

Yes, it’s wrong to take a life but in their cases is it really that simple?

There is no need to judge the choice a person makes because you have no idea what the person is going through. Yes, from your observer point of view, there are a million other viable choices but it really is not that simple. So don’t go judging and making someone feel bad for their choices. Fact is, they may already know they could have done better. They don’t need you making a big deal out of it.

The best you can do is to listen to what they have to say. They may just want someone to listen not judge them. We all don’t like to be judged. Especially when we already feel as if we fucked up big time. Don’t be a hypocrite. Leave God to do his job and don’t judge. Do yours, just shut up and listen.


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